Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Whole New Level of Cool!

I often take my five year old, Dakota, with me to school for extra meetings. It must be 3/4mile or more from where I park to our destination so I bring his scooter and make it fun. Today I was walking beside him thinking, "Man, I need one of those!" Unfortunately, my buttI hair-do is just too big to be on one of those. The problem persists. All these long-legged students pass me by no matter how fast my short little legs are going. I also feel the need to streamline every moment of the day and all that walking, although good for my health, is just taking up too much time that could be spent studying. Being late for class produces a sight that would even cause Jello to shiver - a grown woman in a backpack-running! Way too much jiggle going on there.  So I  started thinking about option one:
This thing goes FAST and it could easily navigate between other walking and long-boarding students. It even has an irritating horn that just might be annoying enough that people would part ways and allow me through. But, nah, other students might feel jealous and it might "go missing" (is that even a part of the English language?)

Option 3: The electric scooter. I don't have a photo of it, but I know the boys have one stored in their grandma's garage and that baby is so fast it whips my head back when I push the button.  But, nah, our school is too eco/health conscious for me to be on something battery operated. It says "lazy/mercury polluter" all over it.

Option 3: The piece de resistance

The coolest part of the Fuzion is that it's articulated. You swivel the board deck left or right when you want to turn - fun! I'll have mine tailored to match my mini-van - "Cherry Red" with a cup-holder and cell phone cradle. Oh, an an alarm with "chirper" and a horn-just in case!


  1. Me and Parker got a kick out of watching a security guard on a Segway in a parking lot the other day. He was even rounding up the stray carts without losing his balance and zipping around. Everything has it's controversy though, huh? With all the children, tween and adult vehicles you have at your house--you have plenty to choose from---a different one for each day of the month maybe? You are too silly! And by the way, now when I drop Parker and Bridger off in the mornings, I find myself checking out what most of the mom's are wearing and finding comfort in their loungewear while I am in mine!

  2. I never thought to check out the other mom's attire at the elementary school - mostly because I'm usually the only one standing there with all THEIR kids! At home though it's at the end of our adjoining driveways. We watch out the window the entire time they are lining up until the bus pulls away - BUT make sure I'm at least in a track suit and hat in case I have to dart out there.

    Dear Santa, All I want's a Segway....

  3. Man what happened to old fashioned bikes.

  4. Hi Liz! Yep, lots of bikes on campus. However, you have to have skill to bike through the crowds and not tip over or run into the back of someones ankles.

  5. My son would LOVE that! He's almost 6, so I might wait a while. I am hyperventilating at the thought at what it will lead to next... A REAL skateboard? The desire for a REAL motorcycle? Ahhh!!!

  6. I just finished watching "No Impact Man", the documentary about the New York City family that attempted to have zero negative impact on the earth. The first thing they did was get rid of the car and start biking. Then the wife went off to work on a wide-body SCOOTER! She even said she wasn't going back to having a car. Also, last week I saw a darling young lady in a springy skirt at school zip by on her scooter...maybe a grown-up girly trend will evolve after all!