Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anyone know the origin of this design?

I am entirely hooked on Lia Sophia jewelry and parties. I have a ball buying into their sales pitches like, "Buy three, get two at half-price!" Who wouldn't be sucked in by that idea?  Some of their best pieces can be worn as a long necklace, a double looped short necklace, a "tie", a bracelet, AND a belt. I see customers in my line wearing pieces I easily recognize and can even name.

The fact that I can't afford these pieces motivated me to make the most of this one:  

Does anyone know what the design actually is?

My customers always ask, "Is it Aztec?", "Is it Celtic?", or say "Nice cross!"

The truth is, it came from the Michael's clearance aisle for about $1.99 and I added the leather strap. It's fairly large, about the size of my palm and I wear it as a "choker" necklace since I button up pretty high at work.

Any guesses? Should I just answer, "It's Crap-o-lian?" with the possibility of lead poisoning?

Mostly I just thank people, but I'd love to know if I'm wearing some type of cultish-symbol calling up evil demons or something......


  1. Look at you posting about something girly for a change LOL! I'd say this is more Aztecy than demony. I like it! I also like Lia Sophia, but their stuff looks better in the catalogs than when you buy it. Too expensive & not worth it was my feeling after getting sucked in for one necklace.

  2. Well that makes me feel better! My first impression was Aztec too but then after all the questions I started to wonder.....Oh and even though I don't act like it - I dress very girly.

    I was invited to THREE jewelry parties this week - ACK! My checkbook is hiding from me.....

  3. Oooh, cool design. No, I've never seen it before.

    (PS. I kinda got hooked on Lia Sophia too. I love their stuff! I was at a show where it was buy 2 get 4 at half price. Obviously I couldn't pass that up...)

  4. That's hilarious - My friend did the same thing - she bought about 15 pendants from Michaels and a ton of different color strings to vary up her work uniform daily! It's pure genius is what it is!!

  5. I don't know what it is, but I like it. I've avoided checking into the Lia Sophia line on the chance that I love it. After all I know you have good taste and you are the one that got me hooked on scrapbooking . . .

  6. Probably a good thing to avoid..a new addiction!