Thursday, May 17, 2012

This, That, and the Other thing....

I can't take it! I miss the blog-o-sphere!  I'm dying to share what I learned about creativity - but, not until I can do it justice. And - I'm dying to catch up on every one's blogs.

      I barely survived finals with a horrible virus and jumped into summer courses (this is me taking a two hour final in a silent room of 30 students..."sniff, sniff, sniff, crinkle~crinkle tissue packet, cough-cough.......sniff, sniff, sniff, crinkle~crinkle...." , but hey, I got an A- in my first of two "teaching math" courses and it's like learning another language...."explain in words and drawings to a fourth grader how many 2/3 sticks of butter are in 6/5 sticks" Um, yep - that weird.

     And talk about naive! I signed up for summer courses when my advisor explained that the math option for teaching is ONLY 10 extra credits on top of the electives I can use and I can graduate on time if I take them over the summer. Okay, I agree and get home to register online and find out two of the three are on campus - only one online. THEN my husband mentions that the kids will not be on summer break until three weeks into my classes and we have to scramble to cover those crazy hours in the morning between sunrise and school bus.

     And I had not thought of the concept that a 6 week course is not just a 6 week course - it's a 16 week course crammed into 6 weeks which includes 3 hour lectures three times a week and suggested study times for Statistics are 20 hours a week. In other words - How many 16 weeks of statistics are in 6 weeks? And what's my probability of actually studying 20 hours a week for 6 weeks? Any guesses?  

The good news is week one is almost behind me - YAAAAYYYY!

And completely off the subject but bizarre happening last night - lightning struck so close to my house that the smoke detectors went off twice and the strike was so loud my ears were ringing!