Friday, July 29, 2011

To the Bat Cave, Robin!

Well, I goofed! In my effort to schedule Dustin's first Young Eagle flight at the Three Forks Fly-In, I searched the internet for the schedule of events early in the summer. I took that schedule and scheduled his trip to see his Grandma around it. Then we picked him up early from his visit, Dad took the day off,we got up at 5:30am, packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Three Forks only to realize when I compared the new article I found to the original one I'd been going off of that I had LAST year's schedule! This year it's moved out a week to August! What's one to do in that situation?

Hide in a cave!
Cave Entrance without the tour group
To salvage the day, my husband suggested we drive a little further and visit Lewis and Clark Caverns.  It was a two hour guided tour -up the mountain footpath, then something like 180 feet down into the mountain then out the exit tunnel.

They had colored lighting in some of the "rooms" and the stairs were steep and wet with drop off's on the sides. Some parts were really tight to get through and one section they have smoothed the rock so you have to slide on your bottom around a curve - that was so fun! One of the best parts actually. I really loved the exit tunnel. It had dungeon doors to prevent it from becoming a wind tunnel (picks up to 60mph she said if you open both doors). After the tiptoeing around the cave it was fun to hustle through the tunnel with the boys chatting all the way about their experience. Then we got to the exit door and had the opportunity to quote Nancy Drew and say, "It's locked!" until the tour guide made her way to let us out. Too much fun!

We followed it up with a mosquito-y picnic lunch - fantastic save for my huge goof. At least he didn't miss his event, just 6 days away before liftoff!
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 Steps to hosting an awesome teenage-boy birthday....

Josh's 14th Bday - only once a year, so lets make it memorable!    
Step 1 .Add a few teenage boys to my already loaded mini-van and we were low-ri-din' all the way to Transformers 3 in 3-D. (did you know teenage boys pack lightly - as in nothing but the clothes they are wearing? cool!) If you need a heads up as to when to cover their eyes - read Plugged-In Review.

Step 2. Stop at the gas station and load their pockets with candy.

Step 3. Load them up with caffeine-laden pop and have them sitting still for 3 hours in the theater (we were early).

Step 4. Then take them to the store and buy sub sandwiches, chips, side salads, cake, and 2-2liters of Dr. Pepper.

Step 5. Set them free in your living room with a hodgepodge of lawn chairs, a game chair and other seats, two Playstation 3's (one borrowed) two tv screens and get up every two hours and whisper to them to quiet down.

Step 6. Then every hour after that get up and remind them that they need some sleep - time to turn off the games.

Step 7. Get up for work and tell the still-awake 14year old to GO TO SLEEP.

Step 8. Put out some bananas, cereal, milk and day-old doughnuts. And there you have it. They are still at it and the word AWESOME is bouncing around the house like a rubber ball on a trampoline!

Happy 14th Josh!
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is there such thing as reading withdrawal symptoms???

Boy, it feels like it's been a  month since I've had a chance so sit quietly and read. My Goodreads reading challenge hates me - tells me I'm so far behind I'm not worthy of the badge. I'm dying here!  I have three days off now and of course they are booked with kid-activities because kids rule and I want them to have a good summer, but maybe, just maybe Thursday I can dig in?  Here's hoping!  Do you get withdrawals too? Do you pretend you are doing laundry when really you are just sitting on the stacks of sheets behind the laundry room door? Maybe I should have scheduled a dentist appointment so I could sit in the waiting room for an hour and read.....
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Newton's Law to the C3power - Get ready Minot, ND to experience faith in action!

Newton's Law: " every action is accompanied by a reaction of equal magnitude."

What began as a campfire chat (action) about wanting to do something to help the flood victims of North Dakota has turned into  C3 Church's North Dakota Outreach (reaction).
A few Christian brothers and sisters camping together created an amazing local mission trip to help those whose homes were flooded and bring them water because they are being grossly overcharged in Minot - but that's not all.....

That reaction caused a bunch of mini-reactions. Like those fireworks that go BOOM and are followed up with a bunch of crackles.
For those of us that were unable to commit to the travel itinerary, or lacked the funds to travel on their own resources came a host of mini-reactions. God led several people to do some gathering. Through our Facebook connections, one person gathered toiletries, another books, others water and many others praying constantly and eagerly awaiting the stories of telling of helping, provision and spiritual renewal.
But that's not all we are experiencing. The reaction of planning this trip firing everyone up spiritually in our church - everyone is so excited, praying, anticipating and THAT flame is what's going to be a blessing to everyone in Minot and here at home.Christians in ACTION like we are called to be.If Newton's Law is still proving to be true then I can't wait for the REACTION! Blessings to you all on your mission!
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Accused by Kate Kaynak Ganzfield Series Book 4

Ganzfield Series Book 4
Shortly after using my secret remote ability on Kate Kaynak, I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Ganzfield Series book 4 Accused .What a fabulous way to spend the 4th - fireworks before the fireworks! Accused is incredibly intense, mind-boggling, romance filled and action-packed.  Kate Kaynak left no small detail without a unique connection. Abilities abounded, relationships deepened and Rachel and her baby made me want to don a tinfoil suit and become her honorary auntie!

It's extremely challenging to discuss anything from Accused without spoiling it, but here goes. Just looking at the cover lets you in on Maddie's imprisonment. Colonel Hunter is one sick,evil officer-gone-rogue keeping her in a secret facility. His intentions are to "break"  and control Maddie and his efforts make you want to pour all you inner strength into her so she can survive and be reunited with Trevor and everyone at Ganzfield. My heart broke for Maddie!

Ah, but the rest of the book is loaded with fascinating mixtures of abilities and combinations of characters  that will keep you glued to Accused.I don't want to spoil the story, but I'll let you in on one secret I think I figured out: Kate Kaynak unknowingly reveals her true identity as an actual member of Ganzfield living her life as an author in a remote location. She uses her reverse RV ability - causing you to seek her book out, minder-projects a vivid, action packed, romantic, thrilling and touching dream into your mind and then charms you into believing you simply read a fabulous novel in your own living room. She's a sneaky one, that Kate!

The only thing I really, really hated was the four words on page 251 "End of book four"!

If you are reading this review and have no idea what I am talking about, then you MUST, MUST read Minder  - you will have the advantage of jumping right to books 2-4 after that this summer. You can find these books for sale at Amazon and Accused is expected to be released August 15th
I give Accused Photobucket 5 firecrackin' stars!
Friday, July 1, 2011

Mammoth Hot Springs and Nevada City Ghost-town

Just have to share these picts Joshua took with my phone. Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone Park
Can you see the steam from the hot water flowing?

Doesn't this just mess with your mind?
  He really took these - not stock photos!
And the Ghost-town of Nevada City MT - lots of buildings, the hanging re-enactment was their entertainment (which we skipped-too morbid for children)


 and my favorite - the music room moved there from Yellowstone park. All these machines play on their own - sounds like a bunch of wild geese honking!

I loved this thing! Moving pictures - but risque (for the 1800's that is)!