Friday, September 10, 2010

US101 - part 2 Big News!

Finally got my book signed!
For those of you that aren't familiar with Kevin Michael Connolly, I have something great to share with you!  Kevin's book Double Take is currently featured as the "One Book Bozeman"  selection. It's a way for our whole community to be in one big book club and is featured in the local paper to give us a common month to discuss the selection. Kevin is a Montana State University graduate who became a successful photographer  who has received international acclaim. through his project named The Rolling Exhibition. While travelling around the world, he created this art project out of candid photos he took behind his back when people would pass by then do a "double-take" because of his appearance. 

What makes him catch peoples' eyes is that he was born without legs and rather than use a wheelchair to get around, he whizzes by on a skateboard .  In addition to his photo exhibit, he has written a memoir named, Double-Take  Not only does he talk about the project in his memoir, he also shares what life is like when you have to overcome adversity every single day. Not only did he overcome, he took the X-Games by storm, and his mono-skiing experiences will have you holding your breath! He was selected to give an inspirational speech at our Freshman Convocation this week.
  What does that have to do with my blog?  Here's the big news....

I was chosen to attend the Master Class where he did a Q&A with about 50 students. My role was to take notes, try to get our class question answered, and share what I learned with the class the following day. He's such a fun and open guy - he said we could ask him anything. I had a list a mile long I wanted to ask, but since I was the first one to ask a question I asked, "Now that you are back in Bozeman, how do people respond to you?"  His reply was, "It's more like, 'Hey, you're that guy!' and eventually it will peak." He referred to other famous writers like Greg Mortenson of Bozeman who is currently building schools in Afganistan off the pennies of local students and how people like Greg are more worthy of the attention. Here he is, a day before giving our convocation speech and he's completely humble! 

He was such a character, telling jokes and even shared an edgy comment he once was told not to use on TV (again). He's the kind of guy you'd love to hang out with - entertaining and full of stories.  It was a blast and I was thrilled to have him sign my book after convocation. I look forward to bumping into him on the streets of Bozeman and saying, "Hey, remember me - your old stalker pal from MSU!" and hope he doesn't hit warp speed on his longboard heading the opposite direction!


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  2. Well, let's just say my "mom-ness" comes in handy when I want to do something. AAAAAND since I got dissed again at convocation and told to go sit with the "general-public" I stole the front-section seat reserved for leadership people! I wanted to be up close when he gave our inspiration-speech. It was awesome!

  3. Sorry, sis, had to delete that comment. Had contact info in it!