Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom Chic at the bus stop - RU KIDDING?!

I stumbled across this video clip from the Today Show about two weeks ago. (sorry, I tried to embed the clip but can't figure it out!) Every time I throw on a pair of sweats in between making five sandwiches, combing three heads of hair, helping with last minute homework and gathering library books and band instruments-all on yet another a 5 hour sleep allotment and half a cup of coffee I am reminded that I should be ashamed of myself......

"Mom chic for the bus stop

Kids aren't the only ones who might need some new clothes to start off the school year. Jene Luciani says ditch the old sweat pants for something more stylish when dropping the kids off for school."

Notice the fashion expert has one toddler and her mom helping her? You only need to see the first minute and 20 seconds of this clip before you roll your eyes....$260 for an outfit to impress the neighbors and all their little ones! Oh and in case you were wondering, the expert says you don't even have to be "matchy-matchy". This "expert" claims she spends 90% of her day covered in pee and spit up, so now you, too, can spend your week's shift-work wages for your toddler to cover your new non-match-match outfit in bodily fluids before you go back inside to wash the dishes in it. At least they did throw in a pair of enormous Paris Hilton style sunglasses "so you don't have to wear make-up", which is great because I really thought I was going to have to get up at 4:30am but now I can just get up at 5am to get my "bus-stop chic".

Did you pack Junior's lunch? Junior's what? Is my outfit too matchy-matchy?
Who thinks Kathy Lee and Hoda should come work my night shift three nights in a row, go to school for me during the day - do my lengthy homework assignments and then get up with the rooster and get their fashion on?   I'll be waiting at the bus stop with four well-prepared kids and the other half of my cup of coffee!


  1. Christine (aka the Bean)September 17, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Something tells me that they wouldn't even have to work your night shift or go to your classes...just being at home with the kids without a nanny (or team of nannies) would do them in! Parenting full time...they wouldn't know what hit them !lol

  2. I am happy with my Old Navy t-shirts and sweats. It easy and comforatable. It was funny that she said she spends her day in pee and spit up. That is why Old Navy is perfect. It looked like some of the stuff needed to be dry cleaned. I want to be able to throw everything in the wash and dry it without thinking about it. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  3. I watch the clip and, yep, rolled my eyes! Especially the last one in the dress and boots. Pa-leeeeze! Sometimes P & B ask why I'm wearing my pajamas to drop them off. I have to remind them that they are sweat pants that I just happened to sleep in. You are hilarious, sis.

  4. Okay - no REAL mother dresses like that! I need to be comfy in machine washable clothes. :-)