Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Sunday - Another gorgeous lake!

How could this gorgeous lake be named after a rat?

After helping teach the kiddos at church, we let the dishes sit, the messes be messy, the shaggy lawn grow another inch, the homework and haircuts wait for one more day and took off  with our boxer, Ruby, for a hike to Rat Lake. I keep saying it's our last time out for the season, but the weather went from rainy back to gorgeous with long, fall shadows and crisp breezes. It was an interesting hike - a steep rocky trail that was supposedly 1 mile round trip (no way, 2 miles for sure) led up to this quiet lake. We only saw three groups of people the entire time. We cast our lines, but the fish eluded us. It was funny seeing Josh somehow get his fishing lure stuck about 13 feet straight up in a tree.  After that crazy week it was just what we needed!


  1. I love letting SUndays be, relaxing family days! Good for you for letting the messes wait. They will always be there right:).

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Unfortunately, as I was blogging at midnight Friday, Photobucket pulled the original layout from the host! LeeLou blogs is one of their top users and overloaded their servers! (Yay-LeeLou!You're takin' em' by storm!) I was hoping everyone would still know it's R,W,Raisin' Boys.

  3. I seem to keep letting those haircuts wait, they are going to fit right in with the Berkeley hippy folk! :)