Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breaking news: Cashier Becomes Personal Therapist Overnight!

I love people. For years I had a bookkeeping job in an office basically in a room alone, but when I returned to the workforce I went in search for a job where I could interract with a multitude of adults and chose to cashier at a local grocery store. Since then I've been offered two bookkeeping jobs at that store and turned them down. Even though I absolutely HATE leaving my family to go earn a living, I really do love working with people.  I love people even on 5 hours sleep at 11pm. I laugh with them, ask if they are on vacation, comment on their fantastic taste in muffins, etc. I've had customer comments like, "You are WAY too perky for 11:30 at night!", or "Go in this lady's line - she always acts like she WANTS you to be there!" So what in the world went wrong last night?  - I'd like to know! 

 At precisely 11pm, I saw this average-looking lady customer an aisle away about to go to the other cashier, but that cashier was engaged in a conversation. I made eye contact with the lady and smiled while she was still an aisle away. I asked her if she found everything ok. I did the "beep, beep","clickety-click", "count, count, count", receipt routine as I rang up her three items, and as I fixed her bags so their handles were pulled up and set it by her I said in a VERY perky voice (mind you I've had 5 hrs sleep, and it's 11pm), "Thank you, have a nice evening!", smiled and stood basically at attention looking at her stuff and watching her put her things in her purse, looking around, just in case she needed anything else.

Her response just blew me away! She boomed, "I feel RUSHED!". Then she pointed at the self-check machines and my check printer and said, "All this technology, it's just TOO efficient, there's no one in line behind me and I feel RUSHED! No, how are you, what's going on with YOU?" I replied, "I did ask you if you found everything okay." I thought surely she must be JOKING? Nope, she was serious. She went on ranting at me about how I went too fast and it's a small town and with no one in line , how I should have asked her what was going on in her life - gesturing wildly at herself meanwhile. She stomped off continuing her rant and making rude comments at me. I checked myself - even I don't appreciate casheirs that don't even make eye contact, but this was not the case. Okay, so I get lots of weirdo's at night -drunks, people who need to throw up and want to find the bathroom asap, people who don't actually make it there, people who enlighten me on conspiracy theories, people that cross-dress, people who complain that my line is too slow, but being chewed out for being too fast???SERIOUSLY?????


  1. Now that is kinda crazy. There's pent-up anger in a lot of people lately it seems. I'd say you gave great customer service at 11 pm!

  2. Thanks for reading tonight Jinnia! I just had to vent!

  3. I think maybe she wanted you to ask her a question that allowed her the opportunity to spill her guts. Maybe she was a mom who cherished her almost midnight "emergency" run to the store alone and wanted it to last longer? (like my carwash). You handled it well--no purse womping.

  4. Exactly what I was thinking but she didn't have to be so RUDE about it! I had another "doosey" today - I need to start stashing my whomping-purse under my checkstand!