Wednesday, September 15, 2010

College Rocks!

 I've only been in school three weeks and I am blown away by all the extra opportunities to learn and meet interesting people presented to us. MSU helped us make the connection with NASA to attend their Lunar Workshop for teachers and future teachers.  This allowed me certification to request samples of lunar rocks for LIFE!  So every first day of school, when my students are nervous I can win them over with, "Wanna see a real MOON ROCK?" Year after year.

The presentation was so interesting! Who knew the Apollo astronauts weren't even interested in picking up the right samples until they were taught what information is actually in a geological sample. We even got to see a "blooper" clip of an astronaut trying to dig the sample out and smacking himself into the surface of the moon. The samples are considered national treasures and have to be kept in a vault at a bank of police station if they are not in the posession of a certified borrower - the borrow has to be in the room with the samples or carry them in a special case like an FBI agent! What's funny is that we are sharing this with little kids! "It's like - don't touch that! Oh, wait, you can touch it if I'm watching you." We got to look at them under microscopes and it was amazing how brilliant the samples were. When the light hits them they really sparkle. Some are dark, some are brownish-multicolored and some are stark-white. Each sample had a different texture too - even the sand was sparkling. 

If that wasn't mind-blowing enough - how about being invited to sit in on a presentation by Maya Angelou?  Is this for real? I wonder if the average 18 year old college student even knows who she is? I can't wait until she comes in November! This ROCKS! 


  1. I don't think the youngons at MSU will have the appreciation and enthusiasm that you do for all these opportunities. They probably roll their eyes and text through the whole presentation. I'm so happy that you are getting so much out of it. You go, girl!

  2. Hi Leah! I found your blog through glad I did! I had the opportunity to see Maya Angelou here at Kent State University (ohio) a few years ago as a grad student and she was absolutely amazing! ~Enjoy!
    Briar Ridge Farmhouse

  3. Welcome Kim! I'm really hoping my schedule will work out so I can go listen to her.I wrote a report on her umpteen years ago!