Friday, September 30, 2011

.......and exhale.......whew!

First mid-term is out of the way - YAAAYYY!

So far, in 5-6 weeks of school I have:

  • Worked with cooties and accidently touched them

So I go over to grab a few petri-dishes of Streptomyces, Staphlococcus and Bacillus (yep, the nasty ones) and pick up two from one stack only my fingers are touching something very WET! AAACK! I accidently lifted the lid and touched either staph or bacillus with my bare fingers - EEEEEWWWWW!

Although I've probably touched worse in my own bathroom, let's just say I washed my hands with anti-microbial soap while timing it to the Happy Birthday about ten times that day. ;0)

  • Began volunteering at Eagle-Mount helping people with disabilities ride horses.
What? You mean I could complete my service-work requirements, help someone, be outside and mingle with horses? I'm in!

I  learned about the actual work - care of the horses, how to support a rider, how to pull a rider off in an emergency, schedules. My job will be to walk beside the horse and rider and hold onto the rider's belt. It's more challenging than it looks. I am 5ft1in. so my stride is barely enough to keep up with the horses stride and my arms are a few inches below where I can hold the rider comfortably so I'll be stretch-holding, double-time walking for an hour on the trail.

Next comes the impact part - learning about the rider. So far I have only had one session with Tom, a 23 year old with cerebal palsy and prone to grand-mal seizures. He is unable to speak but man he loves to ride! He made me laugh when he kept pushing my face away from his leg - he wants to do it on his own. He's a little tippy though and needs me to at least hold the cuff of his jeans.

  • Watched and wrote a reflection and hour-long documentary on physician-assisted suicide (to the end and I mean the guys end - ugh!)

  • Attended Native American Heritage day - the must fantastic celebration EVA!
Fancy Dancer

Is it any wonder college students act the way they do? They are on a stress-laden emotional rollercoaster!

What's the most fun experience you've had in school?
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good thing......

.......I love my new dog more than my couch.....

I can't say I wasn't warned.....

not my actual dog or couch, but you get the idea. What would that say about me if I took a picture of it in the midst? twisted

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Superfind! Stephen King Pop-Up Book

Would you believe that in the world of amazing pop up books (which I am addicted to), enters a frightening thing...................The King.......EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!

See in the tiny white type up there?  It says "Pop Up Book" - I know, freaky-right?  My boys LOVE it!  It's an adaptation of a novel about a nine-year old lost in the woods. True to King's style, the  pop-ups are so creepy. Imagine a hooded figure that has a moving hood and when you move the lever the face us uncovered and it's a face of BEES!!!! 

Amazon has some stock photos, but the funny thing is, they left out all the scary stuff - the monster, the bee-freak and other creature I will leave to your imagination.
This one is the boys' favorite - you can see inside the cab

You know what would be reeeeallly creepy? Being lost in the woods and running into this guy.....

and just for fun - if you've read The Dome. Does this weird you out?????????.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tip of the day...............

If you are a parent AND a student, don't pack your kids' backpacks in the dark - or you might mistake your son's backpack for yours and send your 12 year old one of these.................

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to sneak in 20 minutes of reading AND wow your kids..... read YOUR book aloud to them .

Now we look forward to covering the reading assignments of two grade-schoolers, I get to read my book (while editing where necessary) and the boys love it! Paranormal powers, teenagers outsmarting vicious aliens while on the run.....   Why can't all my ideas work out this well?

What are you reading with your kids?
Saturday, September 17, 2011


First homegame last saturday. 17,460 fans in the newly remodeled stadium!!!

Bobcats VS Minot State this Saturday - can't wait!
Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Billy Goat's Gruff - Reality version

Homework!HOMEWORK!hoooommmmmwork! I always forget how much the teachers send home with third graders. It's such a shock to a post-second grader to have both assigned daily and weekly homework and leftover homework from their school day. Wyatt is capable of finishing quickly, but prefers arguing to do it later. Yeah, that's way more fun - right?
Friday morning rolls around and there's no more wiggle room. There was procrastination, complaining about the timing, yelling at his brothers to quit bugging him, pleading and tears, and so on. In a household like ours, there is no quiet space - in every inch and every two minutes a boy pops up and starts making clicking and tapping sounds.  Once again I've been titled the mean-mom, cruel in my intentions to make him read aloud. What to do, what to do?

Take the story and make it relative. Once upon a time there were three billy goats. (hmmmm, sound familiar? I bet there was another billy goat somewhere playing Bakugon). The littlest billy goat, Wyatt, wanted to cross the bridge to eat grass on the other side. He convinced the mean old troll to let him pass because his older brother, Dustin, would be much more filling. (Hehe, I saw the tiniest smirk on Wyatt's face). The troll lets the billy goat pass and then the next older billy goat says almost the same thing, "Let me pass and you will be much more full when my older brother, Josh, crosses." Meanwhile, the real Josh just finished yelling at Wyatt to quit compaining about homework. So the oldest billy goat, defensive lineman-Josh, with the big horns butts the troll in the stomach and he lands in the water.

I think I even saw a smile on Wyatt's face. Score 1 for mom...that is, unless I'm the troll saying, "You can't pass until you do your homework!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If time flies.....

......August must have been sprinked with pixie dust laced with Red Bull!

August was such a blur of work(too many shifts), fun and family - I want a Do-Over!  I want to re-route that jet and re-live the month of August.

My mom came for a week (Hi Mom!) and we whooped it up: Hot Springs, visited local towns and once again Virginia & Nevada cities, bookstore, lunch out, Manhattan Potato Festival  and school supply shopping.

       , I'll take the top level privy thank-you-very-much!

I turned 40 - well, my body did- the little girl in me turned 12 and wanted to go see Cowboys and Aliens
....and I most certainly want to go see that again! Cowdudes 'n technology - oh Yeah!

While my kids and husband were camping I got an unbelievably awesome new dog - he does tricks (bang-he's dead, goes down the slide), has manners and rings a bell to be let out to go potty - did I say he's awesome? Even my older boxer thinks he's okay and she's despizes all K-9's.

We celebrated our 21st anniversary by taking the canoe down the Madison river and I caught this nice trout

But it was so SHIIIINNNYYYY!!

Anyone else up for a do-over?
Now, if I could just freeze time in September I will know what became of the six Loriens and Mogs in The Power of Six...
Friday, September 9, 2011

GO CATS!!!!!

Finally we are going to an MSU Cats game this Saturday. Cats against UC Davis  I can't wait to see a little of this...

....and a little of this guy
Champ! Love seeing this guy on campus!

and a whole lotta this.....

Sorry, UC Davis - yeah, maybe some of my high school friends may be cheering you on but,

GO CATS!!!!!gggROWL!!!