Thursday, September 2, 2010

University Studies 101 Part 1 - peers

Okay, so I got through day one without too much trouble except having to push-add my University Studies class so that my schedule will remain on target. I won't even go into what it takes for a mom of 4/football-mom/night-shift worker/volunteer/every-other-day kindergartener parent to work a schedule out at school!

What, no drama? Oh, you know me better than to think nothing happened that was worth blogging about!  My US class is a reading/discussing/critical thinking/writing class that is mostly about the students leading class in discussions together and writing college level papers individually. These kids are all fresh out of high school with college prep classes and lots of recent practice - a little intimidating but not enough to keep me from sitting side by side with them. Our "icebreaker" for the class was, "Tell a little about yourself and ask a question about the person that went before you." Each student tried to tell something unique and the following student would ask them something like, "What's your favorite restaurant?" or "team".  My turn comes and I mention the obvious just to get it out there. "I'm a non-traditional student with four kids and today is a big day because my youngest went to kindergarten and my oldest started 7th grade and today is my first day, too". The guy after me asks plainly, "So, did you cry?" ..."What?".... "When you dropped him off did you cry?" 

Right for the jugular!  What, don't wonder if I like Pita-pit? Don't wonder if I love the Packers? Did I CRY?

The funny thing is, on my way to class today I decided I loved the question!  Serious ice-breaker, right to the point - what kind of parent am I and how did letting go effect me - is basically what that means.  What I didn't think about is that all the students in the room had just faced that at home on the other end of the spectrum. Ah, I see  - we have more in common than it appeared!

And my reply was, "No, I didn't cry - my kindergartener basically ditched me and was happy to be there."

Come back for part 2 - it's BIG news!


  1. I didn't cry until later when it sank in that Parker made it to that special milestone with ease on that day (after it was questionable several months back with his illness). Some parents want the drama and the kid to cling to them because they just "can't make it without Mommy" but I was proud that he happily lined up and told me I could leave!