Friday, May 28, 2010

That Sam I Am! Ever feed your kid a book for breakfast?

Often when I read this book to my sons, I tell them about the first time I heard it. I'll never forget my first grade teacher feeding us green eggs and ham. I was terrified to eat them! I couldn't believe you could actually make and eat something imaginative from some rectangular, paper creation -would it taste like paper? I fell in love with Dr. Seuss that day and his cohort Sam-I-Am.
This rainy morning my youngest, Dakota asked if I'd make him some - thank goodness I actually had food coloring this time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The best life's philosophy I've heard yet.....

Be a Fountain Not a Drain!              (bumpersticker)

And for those "out of the box" thinkers...

And for those goofballs...gotta try this.......
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open to interpretation......

Just what is that supposed to mean?

Watch for drunks?
Watch for guy tripping over sign?
Anyone care to add????????????
Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Great Betrayal......the E-Reader

I blame my husband - the gadget-geek. At the mere mention of certain books being available only as e-books he hopped on his online rocket ship and ordered a used jetBook-lite from cyberspace. I'm already prejudice against it. I've been treating it like an unwelcome visitor. It's sitting here looking at me with it's blank stare, willing me to make it useful. So far I've only found two things about it appealing. I can load it up with the classics for free:Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes,Jane Eyre. It would be okay for a long plane ride I guess. But it didn't come with that great books smell, I can't thumb the pages and make that great, "Pffffth" sound. There are no pictures to refer to. I can't see my bookmark sticking out of the middle, challenging me to continue it's journey. So tell me, for the sake of those lonely e-books that were not given the privledge of paper by their publisher, should I make friends with "jet" or send him back into cyberspace?
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway- Beautiful Things Happen When..

I just finished Sheila’s Book and the main thread that sticks with me is that we should trust God, no matter how many times we fail. Sheila explains that trusting God doesn’t mean to just plug away doing His work. It means in everything you do, trust God with all your heart and watch what He will do – so much more than we can accomplish with our own choices. Sheila uses many New and Old Testament examples to develop her point. She digs deep into the life of Joseph, shedding light on how he had no other choice but to trust God when he was thrown in the pit. Everything had been taken away and he was led into slavery, but through his continued trust in God, he became a Pharaoh’s right hand man and was able to save his family from starvation. She also uses Sampson’s story of being forced to his knees by his own bad choices, but given the chance to trust in God again. She wraps it up explaining what Abraham must have gone through, allowing God to lead his life as well. She gives a detailed description of what Abraham must have been feeling when he was told to sacrifice his only son, then given a ram to sacrifice instead. Sheila relates all these examples to our own lives. She encourages us to trust wholeheartedly because, like the others she discussed, we will only care about our relationship with God when our end of days arrives. Sheila’s writing reminds me of a sweet friend whispering in my hear, “Trust, trust, trust….and if you mess up, trust again”

I started my blog in March so that I would be able to review books and challenge my mind. I don’t know if anyone noticed or not but I’ve had this book on there promising a review ever since then. I was reading it the entire time, a little each day. This book was like a big, long hug. It was full of truth, examples, and encouragements, but it was a bit wordy and slow for me. If anyone else might enjoy my copy, just comment below and I’ll draw names. I just know someone out there will enjoy her writing style.

Book provided by BookSneeze, opinions my own
Monday, May 10, 2010

Reading - the Fifth Dimension?

Lately, Stephen Hawkings has been talking about some far-out ideas. He really boggles my mind. A week or so ago he was voicing his opinion on the subject of contacting extra-terrestrials. Today on he spoke on another subject. Here's a link his article about the possibility of time travel. He goes into detail describing how it could be possible to travel into the future through locating and expanding wormholes and traveling just under the speed of light. His article is fascinating. I was wondering if a person could write a really great fiction book based on his suggestions (yep, all that scientific knowledge and I go thinking it should be reduced to a fiction novel!). When we read books that involve time travel (my favorites) or even books based in the past or future, aren't our minds already entering into a new dimension in a way? Not physically, but mentally? If reading stories can evoke true emotion in us, make us feel like we went to a far away place, make us laugh or feel deep sadness, how can we say our mind didn't take a day trip? Maybe that's why we are all so eager to read and escape through "wormholes" we create in the comfort of our own homes, to our own 5th dimension...............Okay, back to reality....
Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dip anyone?

Okay, not THAT kind of dip! Recently I discovered that solid perfume is making a comeback. My friend showed me how to make it, but I couldn't resist buying some off Etsy ( Of course I'm addicted to great smelling things, so I felt the need to tote this little perfume tin around with me. It's such a light scent, I decided I should touch it up during the day and take a few wiffs just to pamper my senses. After a few days I thought I might be going overboard with it and just to humor my husband, opened the tin slowly, took a 'dip', rubbed it on my wrist, took a nice long sniff and stuck it in my back pocket and strutted away. Now we've all heard of the Red Hat Society. Yesterday I discovered a local White Hat Society. "Maybe it's time to create the White Ring Society? Anyone???...........