Monday, August 12, 2013

Mom Monday - Summerin' it up!

Another day of combos - this time we mixed it up with art, biking, splashing in the creek, and rock climbing. What more could a couple of Montana boys ask for? 

The Main Street to Mountains trail starts at our favorite place in the world - the Bozeman Library. 

     Like the yellow-brick road, it starts with a circle in the front of the building that goes around the back to an art trail lined with sculptures by local artists.

Someone made this cool chair out of gears...

     And this cow named Ivy..... and lots of other swirly, curvy things. Some look like wire tornadoes and others more geometric. What's neat is that they change them out every so often so it's fun to come back.

     We biked through to where the art trail ends and the Galligator trail starts, which connects to the Sourdough trail that follows Bozeman Creek. The Sourdough is more woodsy and a huge doe ran across our path. Wyatt said he saw her baby, too. 

     And what could be better on a hot day that a picnic at the creek? ....Except maybe a push-up contest in ice water......(I swear, I'm not punishing them, they thought this up!)
     And just to solidify their manliness.....they conquered the rock-climber's ledge at the park.

Too bad my older boys weren't having any fun.....
Josh and Dustin Man-camping at Rat Lake


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