Friday, August 23, 2013

Changing it up today - It's Let the Sky Fall Friday!

Breath-taking cover!!!
   It's time for a stars-and-stripes all-American story, but wait - are they even our species?   Shannon Messenger, author of Keeper of the Lost Cities, rocks the YA world with her YA debut revealing the realm of Sylphs in Let the Sky Fall.  Could they be Slyph-Americans? I mean VaneWeston is as normal as you can get, except for the fact that he really loves his parents, a rare trait for a main character.  Hottie unwaware, he lives for girls, burgers and fries and game controllers. Considering himself an average-Joe how could he be a Windwalker? And why is this pretty girl insisting she's his guardian?

     But there's more, there's his blank-memory past and that mysterious brown-haired girl who's been in his dreams since he was little. How could he be so special to be the only survivor of a massive tornado? And when it's revealed to him bit-by-bit he questions how it could fall on him to be the one guy who can save his town from another catastrophe.  So many questions, but so much happening all at once. Shannon Messenger braids together unique paranormal abilities, epic battles, personal challenges, family, and romance. The next time the wind blows in a freaky storm, I'll be wondering if they are out there battling for our safety. 

     This book was so edgy, fresh and fun,  I devoured it and then did one thing I rarely do - read it again! This was me holding up my booklight for an
I give Let The Sky Fall Photobucket 5 stars and a Bro-fist for appealing to girls AND guys ! 

I was just thinking how I almost hope there's another  villain out there because I want to see Vane and Audra back in action and SQUEE!!!! Look what was announced on Goodreads while I was abroad....

I can't wait until March - Thank You Shannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

....running off to see if Shannon has any ARC Rafflecopter giveaways on her blog.......


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