Monday, August 5, 2013

Mom Monday - finding ways to bond with your teenage sons

     I admit it, I've been at a loss this summer with how to bond with my teenage sons. Mostly we

Biking with the younger ones
just sit and chat late into the night. But, I can't get them to join me hiking or biking because they know I'll be taking a "less-extreme" path with their younger brothers in tow. Anymore, they won't even consider an outing if their younger brothers are going because they know they can't resist picking fights.

     So, it just fell into my lap. I had some tire work done on my VW Bug and decided to change the oil at home. I figured if I could just get it up on the ramps, I could get a look at the access under the rear-engine. It doesn't even have a filter, so you only have to drain it and wipe down the screen.  I convinced my 14-year-old that it was as simple as the picture in the manual......"See, just six bolts to get the panel off"

     Okayyyy, so it took us all day!  We didn't have the right socket, the parts kept falling into the oil drain pan, and putting it back together was more challenging than getting it off. Without him noticing, the grease was running up to his elbow! I ended up having to suit up and get under there to finish it off. Who knew that some foreign cars have bolts go in at a slight angle? 

     Even so,  it was a great afternoon spent learning about cars with my partner-in-oil, Dustin. It gave me a chance treat him like a man and appreciate him for his efforts, regardless of the outcome. I was able to show him how to deal with a problem without losing my cool. We'll always have that mutual frustration with the bolts.

     I can't wait until it needs changing again!!

How do you bond with your teenagers?  Play XBOX? Listen to amped-up Dubstep in the car with the windows rattling and your fillings shaking loose?


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