Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BritLit - Banksy!

     One way to find out if people you are with like contemporary art is to ask if they've seen a Banksy. Banksy is one of those artists who keeps you wondering what they are going to do next. He's a sneaky one - tagging buildings with his stenciled backgrounds and shocking combinations. One of our challenges was to find a Banksy in London. Sure, you can Google a map of his works, but what if you found one on your own? On the bus the minute it swung the corner your seedy-back-street-guy-sleeping-on-a-mattress-behind-our-alley-hostel?  

I think the center is an addition from a local....
How about this?

My art instructor says for sure, it's the real deal. I have yet to find it on any of his lists, but you be the judge. Look at some Google images of Banksy art and tell me this is not his?

    What backed it up was our very modern and hip hostel was decorated in Banksy art. Even the bathrooms had a rat image here and there.....I think there was a connection with our location one block from Elephant and Castle, Banksy, and the Safe-Stay Hostel.


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