Friday, August 9, 2013

BritLit - Stonehenge: If these Stones Could Speak by Marc Aronson

     Everyone knows about Stonehenge - but does anyone REALLY know what it's for?  

     Me neither!  

     Well, Marc Aronson sheds some light on new discoveries, new ways of looking at Stonehenge. They started looking at its surroundings and found that by what's missing, they have a new idea. What's missing is pieces of civilization. So far they are finding artifacts that have nothing to do with living there. No evidence of people living nearby, which to them means that people had to come there for a reason or celebration. They did find a lot of ash buried there - possibly indicating a burial place where people were cremated. 
     They have other ideas too, but mainly this book puts the ideas on the table that they need to look at it in new ways - by comparing how other civilizations used things, what their purposes were. What I liked best about the book is it takes a wide-angle view of the area and its surrounding hilltops and suggests the readers look at it in new ways.

Here's what it looked like to me 

     Unfortunately, we arrived the day before the solstice and it was CLOSED!! They were preparing for a pilgrimage the next day and setting up bleachers and porta-potties. They wouldn't allow us to stop or walk up.

     I have to say, I was extremely disappointed!  We were supposed to sit and reflect and paint what we saw. How can they close Stonehenge???

     It's just one of those "character-building" moments. 

What do you think Stonehenge is for?  I think the aliens from Stephen King's Under The Dome were playing Dominos......


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