Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's that smell?

So, my van's full of stuff from still from the baptism a week ago. We
brought lifejackets to swim in the pond after, fishing gear, inner tubes and kickboards. The last two times I got in my car I had a little talk with myself, "I have GOT to take that stuff out!".  The whole family went in it this morning and yep, we all agreed - stinky! Not just a little stinky - sour and getting worse as each day gets hotter kind of stinky! Since we were entertaining the boys, when we were done I knew they'd hop right to the task when I reminded them to unload the van when we got home.......Here's what the smell was.......................................................

It gets better! I was thinking it was one of those parenting moments that many non-parents will not have the pleasure of even imagining so-I wanted to share the "joy". I needed a photo of the worm containers and asked Dustin where they were.  He replied, "In my room." .......boys!


  1. lol:) I have a hubby that has the bad habit of leaving drinks in the car so long that they mold, grow things etc. I can only imagine how much more exciting it will be when my daughter is old enough to leave messes behind! hahaha. Hope the smell clears up soon!

  2. Where else would a worm container be kept? Too funny.

    A couple days ago something was stinking up our car. Frustrated with my kids for leaving everything in the car, I finally looked under the seat. Oh, the take home bag from when we went out to dinner the previous weekend. Whoops. My fault!

  3. Bad Amy! That's okay, I made an equally gross discovery a day later. I was taking inventory in the coat/school bag/game closet and searched through a garbage bag full of pencils from the last day of school......and (I think) a 2 month old, rotten peanut butter & Jelly sandwich! There's one for Greg Kinney's next book Diary of "rotten" Kid!

  4. The glamorous life of a mom! I had to laugh at a commercial for "The Kardashians" which I don't watch. They were advertising the drama of the poor new mommy that was car shopping for her new car that couldn't be a 2-seater. For some reason I didn't feel too sorry for her . . .

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  6. Welcome Amanda! I'll check out your blog, too!