Thursday, August 26, 2010

discrimination - the "short" version

I tell ya' I can't win!  Being just under 5ft2in I suffer a barrage of discriminating comments. I went to the boys' school at the end of the school year to have lunch with them and watch them run track. I felt a hand on my shoulder and was told by the principal, "remember we take off our hats!" I turned and faced Mr. Smith and we both started laughing when he saw me face to face!  The next day I was looking for my 4th grader, wearing my "visitor" badge and a teacher asked me to get out to recess with that stern, "do you know where you need to be?!" comment we give kids who are trying to bend the rules while everyone else is occupied.

So last week, of all days (my 39th birthday) I took my 5 year old, Dakota, to stand in line with me to sign in for registration at MSU. We waited in the line with our last name initial and all I needed was to show up, sign in and prove I was there. It was a formality I had to cover since I withdrew last year and re-enrolled as a transfer student. After a 10 minute wait in the student line, wearing my new black and orange backpack, I got up to the table and announced my name. The twiggy sophomore helpers looked at me and said, "The parents line is over there." I gave her a raised eyebrow look and said loudly, "I'm a STUDENT!"

I decided I'm going to embellish a reversable hat. When I wear it to the middle school, I'll wear the "NOT A STUDENT" facing out. When I go to the college I'll wear the "NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT" side facing out. Then maybe people will get a clue!


  1. hahahaahahaha poor thing! At least you can laugh about it!

  2. I like your hat idea. I feel so puny when I take the kids to school.