Friday, August 27, 2010

Have you ever forgotten...

...your age?  I spent the first half of the day Wed telling my family I was turning 38.  My one sister was giving me the "almost 40 pep-talk" and I was telling her, "Well, I'm only 38 - I have two years before I can start brooding over being 40."  Then I got my yearly birthday phone call from my dad.
"Hello?", "Hey, I caught you - I just wanted to wish you a Happy 39th Birthday!"  "Hey, thanks! But I'm only 38." "No, I was there - you are 39."
 Because of my muddled night-shift working, insomniac, mommy-brain I trust people who say I calculate things wrong. I did the math in my head - 39 - no way! I get out the calculator 2010-1971=39 Oh Man! He's right!  How does someone who gets a A+ on a mid-term not know their own age?  I mentioned this to my younger friend and she was astounded that I could mess that up. She swears her parents have NEVER forgotten their own ages. However, an intelligent business man friend of mine spent his entire 39th birthday telling everyone he was 40!  Have you ever forgotten something about yourself like that? Is it because it's about myself that I can't remember? It's not on the school calendar, not blinking on  my e-mail reminders - it's just about me. How about it - anyone else?


  1. Stop by Mom-a-Logues for your blog award.
    I think you have a fabulous blog! :)


  2. I was going to say something fabulous, but I turned 44 this year and I forgot what it was...(and I'm fine with that.)

    Happy belated birthday. OMGoodness what a lovely cake! It looks lovely. I hope you have a lovely weekend, full of fun.

  3. Sharon, maybe I need a spin on your Harley to jog my memory...I'm sure it will help me remember I'm really 29 like my cake said!

  4. I followed you here from Sharon's blog and found your post delightful! I would be excited to be 39, but probably not if I thought I was 38. I'm very forgetful at times, but unfortunately have never forgotten my age!

  5. Hi Connie! What were we talking about again?.....Just kidding! Welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliment!

  6. Christine (aka the Bean)September 1, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Leah, I think it's called ~Denial~...after 35, I found myself constantly having to "do the math" to make sure I was saying the right age.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  7. Well, lucky for you Bean I happen to know we are the same age so you must be, what, 38 too?!

  8. Christine (aka the Bean)September 6, 2010 at 1:14 AM

    Ha ha...yep! ;-)

    I have to admit...I am not really looking forward to the big ~4~0~ that is silently approaching. lol.

    Side note: Happy 20th Anniversary! Wow! So awesome!! Congrats to both of you!!