Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I got my birthday wish!

Snickers Cake
My birthday is this week and since we'll be super busy, Chris wanted to celebrate on Sunday. So, after church he sent me to my room for a minute and when I came out there was a Snickers Cake with candles lit and a gift bag that I was hoping contained some awesome jewelry I'd hinted for (it did). The cake read, "Happy 29th Birthday, Leah!" and the candles were 3 and 0! They also gave me a hilarous card about little kids thinking I'm old. It said, "What do they know - they eat paste!" Too funny! It was fun to have them all sing to me this year.  When I was blowing out the candles, Josh (who knows me too well) remarked, "I bet I know what she's wishing for - to catch a fish!" Yep, he got me - that's exactly what I was wishing.

Gallatin River
I packed a zillion pb&j's, two bags of chips and 7 cans of pop and off we went to the Gallatin forest to the most beautiful fishing access. I caught one!  How often do we ever get our birthday wish?
My Fish-Wish!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous birthday!! Happy happy birthday to you!! The forest looks gorgeous:). My hubby loves to fish so he'd be proud that you caught one..I'm not a big fan but, I love nature!

  2. Thanks! Yep, it was a great way to celebrate. It won't be long that we'll have snow and I don't have any ice-fishing gear!

  3. Just imagine if you had wished to catch a fish---while on an all expenses paid cruise to Alaska?

  4. That is an awesome birthday!! Your husband is so thoughtful - I'll be by in 20 for a piece of that cake :) HA!