Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts for the Expectant Parents of Boys

If it's a girl - no brainer. Run to your nearest Target and scoop up anything pink and frilly, right?  If your friend is having a boy though....a whole new set of guidelines apply.  It's not Target you will be going to, head over to your nearest Home Depot and you'll have it covered for his first 5 years of life:
Survival gear Gift List:
Spackle, spreader and intruction video
Duct tape
Magic Eraser
Large Plumbing Snake
Plastic Sheeting (to tape on the wall behind the toilet-potty training tool)
Band Aids
Multiple keys to bathroom doors
Sand Paper
Washable wall paint
Extra flip locks for the tops of doors

I think that about covers it! 

Oh, and a small screwdriver and wire snips to open all the toy trucks he's going to get! (who knew they put 8 pieces of wire twisties to hold each one in the box?)


  1. Hysterical!! I absolutley LOVE this post. I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend this Saturday. However, she has chosen to be surprised on the gender. I now hope she has a boy so I can stock her up with duct tape and a plunger. Too Too Funny!!


  2. Hi Dawn! Glad I could share a giggle with you today - I'll check out your blog, too.

  3. You definitely know boys! We are always out of Resolve for the carpet and Fabreze for the stinky rooms, shoes and couch. Maybe you can sell all these as gift baskets with your girly fru-fru bath and body stuff?

  4. You likely know guys! We are always looking around Fabreze for shoes fedidos and sofa carpet and room. Maybe you can sell all these gift baskets with girly Fru Fru bath and body material?

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