Monday, August 23, 2010

Stitches Happen.

It's a fact, when you have kids - stitches happen! 

Thursday night we arrived early at the park to set up for VBS. Within 5 minutes I heard a cry and we turned around and Dakota was under a tipped over table with water jugs all around him. He had been trying to get  a drink and I assume pulled on the jug enough to tip the table on his face. I had to have his dad take him to Urgent Care for stitches while I tried to keep the other umpteen kids VBS-ing and try to calm Wyatt down because he was wigging out over the injury. I didn't want up the drama by our whole family (plus the extra boy I brought) making chaos in the waiting room (We've been asked to leave before). It was better to keep it calm with just dad there.

The best part about the night was when Dakota returned with his three stitches in his eyebrow - we ran to each other and I scooped him up and welcomed him back. I told him our neighbor was there and she was making him a tie-dye shirt and asked if he wanted to finish it? He said yes! What a trooper. He went right back to the activities and on with life.

Even though I was on the phone texting them questions the entire time they were at the Dr. -when we were out of earshot I asked how it went and if he cried. Chris said he didn't cry, but when the doctor asked him what had happened to cause the big gash in his eyebrow he replied, "My brother, Wyatt, hit me!"


  1. Oh, he did not say that! LOL!
    Glad he's okay. :)

  2. We let it slide. He rarely lies, if ever he chose the right moment to get away with it, that was the night! Of course, knowing his brother's wild nature I believed it -for a minute - interrogated Wyatt and his friend as to their location during the accident, then just let it go with a snicker....

  3. Oh too funny. Zack got stiches on the day of his fourth birthday party. It was awful. we had walked to a local restaurant about a mile from home. He slipped and fell and hit his head on a jagged piece of a refridgerator case. Blood everywhere. Had to take an ambulance, eight stitches, and made it to Pump it Up just in time for his birthday party, sadly he had orders from the doc not to bounce! We let him anyways. All the pics from the party look like Frankinstein, because he still had blood crusted to his hair and forehead. I am sure it won't be the last time to the ER! Oye.

  4. Oh, no! Not on his bounce-birthday! I bet those were pictures to remember! So we both plugged them right back into the action. I think it's a good thing.

  5. You mamas are so funny! You can't keep a real boy down! And at least he didn't say "My Mom did it!"