Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 outta 4 ain't bad!

So, now that the boys have a little gasoline in their veins, they are looking for a chance to go fast and as Dustin keeps saying, "I'm gonna drift!"  So this morning we finally took Dustin to use his Go-kart passes he's had for a year. To our surprise, they let Wyatt go too (He's 7 1/2 and a major gear-head already).  Here they are.....

We did a post-race interview and their comments were, "WICKED!", "AWESOME!", AND "SA-WEET!"

We didn't have as much success entertaining Dakota (5 1/2)though, he wanted to play an arcade race game and after owning a Playstation I'm sure he was disappointed that it only lasted 2 minutes. So, we took them to the Crazy Days celebration at my work with the free bounce houses and he said, "Yaaaaay", then when he was directed to the one with the preschoolers "I want to go home - that's for babies!"

So, now the boy want to ride the little 4 wheeler we got from their uncle years ago. It is so difficult to start we haven't had it going in a few years......I have a feeling today's the day!


  1. Wild boys! Poor Dakota. No Fair. He does a great job of keeping up with the big boys if no one stops him, huh?