Monday, April 11, 2011

Would you like me here or there? Would you like me anywhere?

A few weeks ago, my oldest son, Joshua, insisted I pick up the cd copy of Hunger Games for him to listen as he read. He's so pumped up about it!  I remember listening to my little Hobbit record and following along with my book.......So, I go to park at the new 50,000 square foot library downtown. It's packed to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. I usually park about 50 feet away, just past the Handicapped rows, but this time I noticed some new new signs.  I love signs, I love to hate signs, I love to ponder the logic behind signs. You can always look at the signs from the past and see what our culture was thinking during that era.

Hmmmm.....first sign says "Hybrid Car Parking Preferred" with expanding arrows left and right.

ooookay....Second sign says the same thing! So I take it they get an entire row within the first available parking for non-handicapped parking within 50 feet.

I turn around and see what's available there and the sign says "Carpool Parking Preferred" with expanding arrows left and right.

The arrows do not indicate where it ends. Is it just three spots per sign? Unending? Logic tells me anything past a few cars PAST the signs is probably available, but they are all full.

I go ahead and leave my van in the hybrid parking, just wishing a city employee might look at me cross-eyed and invite me to a healthy discussion about the new labeling. It's obvious the signs originally said "only" not "Preferred" and somebody doctored them up.

So just what IS the name of the parking area for us unleaded, used mini-van drivers with multiple children, but only one child at the moment? Do they have a sign for "Confused Parkers"? Seriously, our entire family has a much lower than average carbon footprint (just ask my Energy and Sustainabilty Professor), but we are judged solely by our vehicle?
 So I ask you , Sam I Am,  would you like me here or there?


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