Monday, April 18, 2011

The Big Reveal - Palm Sunday

     Who really knows what Palm Sunday means?  The palm branches mentioned were the ones placed over the dirt on the road in front of Jesus when he entered Jerusalem riding on a young donkey. He was given a king's welcome just as it was prophesied 700 years before. 

     What's so fantastic about this day is it was the moment when Jesus revealed his true identity as king to the people. He'd been keeping it quiet, only revealing it through parables and to his closest friends until then. They had been believing what he told them and showed them. On that Sunday, even his best friends didn't put two and two together. They didn't realize that he was fulfilling an event prophesied in Isaiah and Zechariah. The summary explains that it wasn't until reappearance three days after his death that they put it all together. Luke says they were on cloud nine! They went back to the scriptures and found all the good news prophesied in the earlier books of the Bible and were filled with joy. 

     We all love a book with a twist, a story that brings us back to earlier clues we noticed but didn't place importance on. Writers work in keys and throw-away hints.  Can you imagine realizing that your best friend and mentor, who just received the death penalty for it, is suddenly proven before your very eyes to be the fulfiller of prophecy? Wouldn't you just freak-out? For me, this event is key for explaining my faith. The Bible tells us to be ready to give the reason for your joy. Well, there you have it. It was predicted and set in writing, it happened many times over exactly as it was supposed to, and even that was recorded by his four best friends and disciples.  From now on Palm Sunday will no longer be just another day with a pre-printed title on the calendar. It's the day proof was revealed for our salvation.

What does Palm Sunday mean to you?


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