Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Saying Yes" Part 2

"Saying yes" is more than just being agreeable - it's a choice to open new doors for yourself.   I complain a lot about aging, but with aging comes experience and confidence to say yes. It allows me to think "worst-case scenario - I look like an idiot if I fail - so what?"

Yes to God: Sunday morning I filled in for the kids' ministry pastors which required me to be the go-to person for up 100 kids and their teachers. I team-taught class of 30 using their curriculum - music, puppet skits and a lesson with props. The subject was spiritual gifts and the ages were K-10. Teaching an abstract subject to young kids is like trying to hold jello in your fingers! Still - they got it! And they loved making their own sock puppets (thanks to Dakota's inspiration).

Yes to a promotion: Monday night was my first night as closing manager at the grocery store. I had to get a late start because I had one sick kid that couldn't go to the neighbor's like planned , and of course on my first night, the single employee I depend on for the closing tried to beg off his shift 30 minutes before he was scheduled - challenging! The hardest part was the paperwork. Let's just say I didn't get an "A", but I did balance within $27 - and 10 of it was accounted for.

Yes to education: Tuesday  was my "microteaching" day. Our group of 4 worked together on and off for a month building a lesson plan for college students with the works - a skit, objectives, theories used, strategies, assessments and handouts. I told my husband that at least one of our kids would likely choose March 29th to be sick ; ) and sure enough two of them were. I couldn't miss - it was a quarter of my grade so I kept Josh home to babysit and rewarded him with a pint of Butterfinger ice cream after lunch. On 4 hrs sleep and two days without a shower I managed to act and teach our Ed Psych class for 20 minutes and the professor said we did a great job! I may not have looked great, or smelled great, but so what - have you seen what college students wear?

alien finding American artifacts

Saying "Yes" to college has opened the door to meeting people with great minds. Next Thursday, our Native American Studies class gets a guided tour of Bently Spang's exhibit. He's a Native American artist and performer. I know he may not be familiar to most, but one look at his serious art and his performance appearance and I'm completely psyched see his exhibit.

Saying yes makes my soul rich.

although I may draw the line for a few things...

What has saying Yes done for you lately?


  1. You must have been like a Zombie---but you are right, the college kids don't notice. They probably thought you were just being cool and Grundge-style! I try to say yes to things the kids want to do that make messes, but worry about the clean up later. Then they get to be creative, have fun and it doesn't involve t.v.