Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updated Book Review: In Front of God and Everybody Confessions of April Grace By KD McCrite

in front of God and everybody: CONFESSIONS OF  April Grace
by KD McCrite

I am going to say something about this book that I NEVER say about Christian book selections - HILARIOUS! I mean Laugh-Out-Loud and read it to your husband funny!

April Grace is an eleven year old (going on 15) living in the Ozarks with her older sister, Myra Sue, her parents, her suddenly-hip grandmother and her new "citified" neighbors.  April Grace is not about to tolerate being talked down to by her new neighbors, nor her grandmother's new Texas boyfriend.  She keeps her guard up and tolerates them to keep peace, but when push comes to shove - she speaks her mind. 

What April Grace doesn't realize is that rather than being judged, she's the one being judgmental and it takes a family crisis for her to recognize her own faults. I loved reading the outrageous thoughts April Grace has about the people around her. Her description of her grandmother's driving is unforgettable and spit-take worthy.  My other favorite parts are when Mr. Rance, Grandma's boyfriend, invites April Grace to go to town with them for a cheeseburger. April thinks,
"Now, I was of two minds about this. While I was downright overjoyed that I might be safe from Grandma's driving this week, I really, really did not want to sit  in a cafe with those two senior citizen lovebirds.  What if they started smooching right at the table in front of God and everybody?"
"How anyone can be that dumb and still be able to eat with a fork is beyond me!"
Not only are April Grace's thoughts entertaining as all get-out, she's unravelling a mystery and learning to be like her parents -  Christians who never judge and constantly put others before them, serving tirelessly and generously.

I give Confessions Photobucket 5 sweet-tea stars!

This book was provided to me by Booksneeze.Com - opinions my own.


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