Friday, April 1, 2011

"Saying Yes" Part 1

Yesterday, while I was exploring the foyer of the cultural art center, I came across a "Free Poetry Dispensor". What? A dispensor that gives you free poetry? Yes, that's right! I couldn't resist.  Created by local poet, Michelle Corriel. I had been working on a post on the topic of saying "Yes" (see part 2) and was blown away by the poem that I pulled out:


When in the land of ifs,

Which is grown-up land,

Should you want a Yes,

A for sure, rock hard Yes,

Of course don't ask a grown-up.

Grown-ups say but perhaps later maybe

If only except that and possibly, no.

A kid says,

"Why not walk in the creek with your socks on?

That's why we've got a washing machine."

John Heilman


  1. So True! Love the idea of the dispenser too.