Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have your cake, and eat it too....

Should one person's choices re-define motherhood? 

video here

In her essay, this New York writer goes on to say how her 6 month work trip made her realize she no longer wanted to be a traditional mother. She says never even wanted to be one in the first place, but does love her kids and spends quality time with them.

Luke 12:53 talks about parents and children dividing against each other in the end days. I wouldn't say she's against her children, but against their needs and the sacrifices that come with parenthood. She mentions how her husband does all the lunch packing, etc.  It's really a sign of the times.

I can respect her personal choices about her living arrangements with her family, but the thought of her selling her idea in a published essay and on tv makes me so sad for her children. Words are so powerful, especially from a published author. Add to it her tv interviews and new book promo and she may develop a following. I hope that as a result of her essay promotion, no other kids have to hear, "Mommy's getting her own place and will be back when she feels like it."A few years back I had a friend who one day seemed like she loved full-time parenthood, but the next was trying to do the same thing and get an apartment just for herself. I hope that mothers will read this and reaffirm how grateful they are to have sons and daughters to love and care for daily.

Matthew 19:14 says: but Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven."


  1. Oh my goodness, that whole concept makes me sad too.

  2. It breaks my heart that so many moms lose their way. I completely agree that it is easy to burn out on the mommy thing if we don't take care of ourselves but, the only one we can blame if we aren't taking care of ourselves is us...not our kids. THey shouldn't be suffering for our bad decisions. I'm with you on this!

  3. I honestly try to never be judgmental of others and she certainly has every right to parent as she sees fit. I mean, we probably wouldn't blink an eye if a father disappeared for work for six months, but she needs to think about how the publicity of her decisions will effect the children.

    Just because it is not something I could ever do, does not make her wrong. However, what happens when the kids hear that she may not have ever really wanted to be a mother at all? What are they supposed to think. For their sake, I hope she considers this.

  4. Exactly,separating the personal choices from the book promo is really challenging. It was the interview she gave that was so "pro-self" that worried me. People believe things they see on the news and a mom on the edge may be swayed to her ideals.