Friday, July 1, 2011

Mammoth Hot Springs and Nevada City Ghost-town

Just have to share these picts Joshua took with my phone. Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone Park
Can you see the steam from the hot water flowing?

Doesn't this just mess with your mind?
  He really took these - not stock photos!
And the Ghost-town of Nevada City MT - lots of buildings, the hanging re-enactment was their entertainment (which we skipped-too morbid for children)


 and my favorite - the music room moved there from Yellowstone park. All these machines play on their own - sounds like a bunch of wild geese honking!

I loved this thing! Moving pictures - but risque (for the 1800's that is)!


  1. Great pictures! I think I've been there before, a long time ago. Looks familiar.

  2. What great photos - especially the one with the steam coming from the grund! That phone/camera is a definite keeper!