Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is there such thing as reading withdrawal symptoms???

Boy, it feels like it's been a  month since I've had a chance so sit quietly and read. My Goodreads reading challenge hates me - tells me I'm so far behind I'm not worthy of the badge. I'm dying here!  I have three days off now and of course they are booked with kid-activities because kids rule and I want them to have a good summer, but maybe, just maybe Thursday I can dig in?  Here's hoping!  Do you get withdrawals too? Do you pretend you are doing laundry when really you are just sitting on the stacks of sheets behind the laundry room door? Maybe I should have scheduled a dentist appointment so I could sit in the waiting room for an hour and read.....


  1. I carry a book in my purse all the time. LOL YOu would be surprised how often I'm in places where I have to wait and can just whip it out. :)

  2. I have books on my phone, kindle and paperbacks in a bag in my car. Even then I find it hard to find time to read.

  3. Scrapbook withdrawals here! I hope you get to get a fix soon.