Friday, July 29, 2011

To the Bat Cave, Robin!

Well, I goofed! In my effort to schedule Dustin's first Young Eagle flight at the Three Forks Fly-In, I searched the internet for the schedule of events early in the summer. I took that schedule and scheduled his trip to see his Grandma around it. Then we picked him up early from his visit, Dad took the day off,we got up at 5:30am, packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Three Forks only to realize when I compared the new article I found to the original one I'd been going off of that I had LAST year's schedule! This year it's moved out a week to August! What's one to do in that situation?

Hide in a cave!
Cave Entrance without the tour group
To salvage the day, my husband suggested we drive a little further and visit Lewis and Clark Caverns.  It was a two hour guided tour -up the mountain footpath, then something like 180 feet down into the mountain then out the exit tunnel.

They had colored lighting in some of the "rooms" and the stairs were steep and wet with drop off's on the sides. Some parts were really tight to get through and one section they have smoothed the rock so you have to slide on your bottom around a curve - that was so fun! One of the best parts actually. I really loved the exit tunnel. It had dungeon doors to prevent it from becoming a wind tunnel (picks up to 60mph she said if you open both doors). After the tiptoeing around the cave it was fun to hustle through the tunnel with the boys chatting all the way about their experience. Then we got to the exit door and had the opportunity to quote Nancy Drew and say, "It's locked!" until the tour guide made her way to let us out. Too much fun!

We followed it up with a mosquito-y picnic lunch - fantastic save for my huge goof. At least he didn't miss his event, just 6 days away before liftoff!


  1. We went there last summer. It was so cool!!

  2. Absolutely great save. Wonderful pictures.

  3. Quick thinking! I would love to take my boys there. Can't wait to hear about Dustin's Eagle Flight---glad you were a week early and not a week late!