Tuesday, June 28, 2011

eBook Review: Angel in the Shadows by Lisa Grace

I have to say, this book really challenged me in the review department because I can't really fit this book neatly into one primary genre.  This book is definately Christian Fiction, but not your mama's Cfiction! It's teen Christian Fiction - younger teens primarily in the first half, but older teens would enjoy the second half. It also has YA Paranormal appeal because of the contemporary setting and good/evil angel battles. It definately has a refreshing approach to battling evil in fiction.

Megan starts seeing a glow around a camp counselor only to find out he's an angel. Not only does she have the gift to see good angels, she can also see dark angels. Because of her gift - the dark angels are after her. When school starts, she meets dark angel, Jude who wants company in his eternal lake of fire. Jude is posing as a student and doing everything he can to influence other students to make bad choices - some that eventually lead to death and eternity with him. Fortunately for Megan, she meets Johnny, a good angel also posing as a student, and forms a team of Christian friends that together come up with strategies to save their friends before Jude destroys them.

What stood out the most to me was the sheer creepiness of the evil - definately felt like I should wear something like this ...
Just kidding! I know you can't fight evil with jewelry (unless you are into vampires), but it would be a good reminder of who can overcome evil barehanded and blindfolded.

Megan - oh if I ever had a daughter I hope she'd be just like Megan! But for a main character I felt she was a little too perfect to relate to most of the time. Jude's character was very well written - his mannerisms, his sly tricks to get people to do his work and his brazen attack on Megan's character made me want to keep my eyes on him at all times and even after I put the book down I felt like he could be just around the corner.

The biggest surprise was the cliffhanger ending. Angel in the Shadows is currently in the top 20 for teen fiction at Amazon! Be watching for seven more books in the series - one every three months to satisfy readers of Christian fiction, Teen Christian Fiction and YA Paranormal lit. I have a feeling book two, Angel in the Storm, will be even more exciting. You can find Angel in the Shadows at Amazon and become an Angel-Friend of Lisa Grace at I give Angel in the Shadows four angel-glow stars!


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