Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 Steps to hosting an awesome teenage-boy birthday....

Josh's 14th Bday - only once a year, so lets make it memorable!    
Step 1 .Add a few teenage boys to my already loaded mini-van and we were low-ri-din' all the way to Transformers 3 in 3-D. (did you know teenage boys pack lightly - as in nothing but the clothes they are wearing? cool!) If you need a heads up as to when to cover their eyes - read Plugged-In Review.

Step 2. Stop at the gas station and load their pockets with candy.

Step 3. Load them up with caffeine-laden pop and have them sitting still for 3 hours in the theater (we were early).

Step 4. Then take them to the store and buy sub sandwiches, chips, side salads, cake, and 2-2liters of Dr. Pepper.

Step 5. Set them free in your living room with a hodgepodge of lawn chairs, a game chair and other seats, two Playstation 3's (one borrowed) two tv screens and get up every two hours and whisper to them to quiet down.

Step 6. Then every hour after that get up and remind them that they need some sleep - time to turn off the games.

Step 7. Get up for work and tell the still-awake 14year old to GO TO SLEEP.

Step 8. Put out some bananas, cereal, milk and day-old doughnuts. And there you have it. They are still at it and the word AWESOME is bouncing around the house like a rubber ball on a trampoline!

Happy 14th Josh!


  1. They seem so much easier to please than a gaggle of girls. Sleep-over = sleep's over! Good job mama.