Thursday, July 21, 2011

Newton's Law to the C3power - Get ready Minot, ND to experience faith in action!

Newton's Law: " every action is accompanied by a reaction of equal magnitude."

What began as a campfire chat (action) about wanting to do something to help the flood victims of North Dakota has turned into  C3 Church's North Dakota Outreach (reaction).
A few Christian brothers and sisters camping together created an amazing local mission trip to help those whose homes were flooded and bring them water because they are being grossly overcharged in Minot - but that's not all.....

That reaction caused a bunch of mini-reactions. Like those fireworks that go BOOM and are followed up with a bunch of crackles.
For those of us that were unable to commit to the travel itinerary, or lacked the funds to travel on their own resources came a host of mini-reactions. God led several people to do some gathering. Through our Facebook connections, one person gathered toiletries, another books, others water and many others praying constantly and eagerly awaiting the stories of telling of helping, provision and spiritual renewal.
But that's not all we are experiencing. The reaction of planning this trip firing everyone up spiritually in our church - everyone is so excited, praying, anticipating and THAT flame is what's going to be a blessing to everyone in Minot and here at home.Christians in ACTION like we are called to be.If Newton's Law is still proving to be true then I can't wait for the REACTION! Blessings to you all on your mission!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this!! My sister-in-laws family home was completely ruined in Minot. They have lost SO much!! Her parents are able to rebuild, but there are so many families that are left with nothing. Bless you all for taking the time out of your daily lives to help others in need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

  2. I can't imagine being displaced with children in tow or explaining to them why in the USA they can't get water from their faucet?

  3. They had an unbelievable success in Minot! Everyone wants to go and more trips are in the works. 7 houses gutted and supplies delivered so far!
    Watch a Youtube clip here......

  4. What a wonderful and unselfish group of people. What amazing witnesses!