Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Hey Boo-Boo, Is that a Pic-N-Nic basket I see?

Lettin' off a little steam at Yellowstone National Park....

Old Faithful - but according to the impatient boy next to us - Ol' Unfaithful!

Castle Geyser

Checking out this boiling pool next to the road

And the most amazing part was the Grand Prismatic Spring which I wasn't able to photograph because it was raining but here's a stock photo so you get the idea. This spring we actually felt the heat from and it was so steamy and rainy it felt like we were walking through a portal to another dimension!


  1. Christine (aka Bean)June 13, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    I'm so jealous - I love Yellowstone! Hope you are having a fabulous time! Very Cute picture of y'all....did I also see Becky in that photo?

  2. Wow, AMAZING. Seems like you all had a grand time.

  3. Great pics! We have friends in Montana and when we went out to visit, they took us to Yellowstone. I loved it. So went in the summer and winter time.

  4. Every time we go we see something new.I should post the Mammoth Hot springs picts-they are unbelievable! I want to do the snowcoach tour too.....