Monday, June 6, 2011

Mom Monday .....And back to the Raisin' Boys part....

Okay - I shared the part about the angels in the outfield, but maybe I should be praying over the playground!  Being a mom of an up and coming athlete as well as a kindergartener and 2nd grader left me standing in between the playground area and the opposing team's side of the baseball game for a bit of the game. I wanted keep an eye on both to let the younger ones burn off some energy before we took our seats and they were playing with another boy. The other team was up so I went to tell the younger boys that I needed to go deliver a water bottle to their brother in the dugout and not to worry I'd only be 45 seconds. (They tend to freak if I move from my designated spot).

I noticed that one minute Wyatt was hanging from thelittle monkey bar dome with his legs around the other boy's chest but he was laughing. Next time I look over, the boy is wrestling Wyatt to the ground on the grass but no one seems to be yelling for help - boy play. I figure they must know each other from school to be so physical.

Unneccessary Roughness!
Walking over to the monkey bars on the pea gravel, my 8 year old, Wyatt comes tearing in my direction yelling to his younger brother, "Just go!". I don't think he really saw me but was running for my direction. I looked up and here came the other boy crying and swinging his fists at Wyatt - huh? I said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa - what's going on here?" and got the boy to lower his arms and explain what was going on.

He claims that Wyatt "beat him up". Since Wyatt's  a "tuffie" I am aways sure to get all versions of incidents like this so I can correct fairly. Wyatt (and my younger son as witness) claimed that Wyatt dropped himself onto the boy from the  monkey bars and squished his chest. The other boy agreed that's what happened too. So, I tell all the boys we are going over to talk to his mom and apologize.

Talk about the hot seat - she was sitting front row in the bleachers for all baseball parents from both teams to witness our explanation, apology and her teary-eyed son. I felt so bad for her son seeing his crying face and swinging fists, he was truly upset.  I explained that it started out as rough play and got out of hand. It certainly took me by surprise. One thing for can never let your guard down when raising boys!

Have your boys taken you by surprise by getting physical or damaging property? Have they put you in the hot seat?


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