Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back From Fasting from the Media.....

     What on Earth is fasting from the media?  Well, for the start of 2011, our pastor invited us to join in a 21 day fast. Just say that four letter word in church and people start looking for the door!  This fast was more flexible. It was for any of the days (one or more) in the 21 day shared period and could be from food altogether, certain foods, or things in our lives that take our focus off of our spiritual lives. We followed the "Awake21" outline that's accessible online.
      I decided to fast from the media (blogging, reading news, email) every Monday for three weeks. Mondays are my days "off" after working a four night/day block so that's the day I love to read/write/renew and just enjoy myself a bit more. After that, schoolwork, kids and housework keep me tied up most of the week.
      It may sound silly, but the temptation is very strong on Mondays to just grab my coffee and read blogs for an hour, or hop on in the afternoon when I need a break or think of something I want to look up.  Of course, while fasting,  those moments are supposed to be turned over to prayer and Bible study and you know what? It really did help me focus on studying the word, praying and renewing. It's awful how quickly prayer time can turn into media time. Just sitting idle with the laptop in reach is such a strong temptation. It's good to be back on Mondays though. I wouldn't have chosen to fast from the internet and media if I didn't love reading all your blogs and new books releases. At least I can say, I've come back better, with more focus and clarity. Now I just need to find a balance. So, what's stealing your focus? What's keeping you from fueling your fire?

"...but be transformed by the renewal of your mind." Romans 12:2



  1. You are so strong! That is a tuff challenge. We are probably considered news addicts.

  2. Hehe! I though it was taking the whimpy way out. Still, it was a distraction I needed to face for our shared-fast.