Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: Scumble by Ingrid Law

For those of you who have read Ingrid Law's Savvy - you are in for a treat with Scumble!  Law follows up her debut novel with a story every bit as creative as her first. In Scumble, she paints her story with words even more colorful than the cover. I'm amazed at how she could write an entire novel around a 17th century verb - makes me want to a word-a-day dictionary!

In Scumble, the main character Ledger Kale (don't you just love that name Ledger?) talks like a modern day Huck Finn - immediately making you at ease with him and eager to be his best friend.  The story of his coming of age and receiving his Savvy on his 13th birthday unfolds as a message to learn to take the lumps with the bumps and learn to love and use the talents we have to help others.

      This book is a quirky - yet beautiful portrayal of love and devotion of family and friends. I loved that some of the Savvy characters were in it. It was nice to know what became of them. Law displays originality beyond imagining. Some images just stick in my head and make me wish I was there. I'm dying to describe what Ledger did with the tractors...but then I'd be spoiling it! If only there was a summer camp on "the ranch" for readers. This was an excellent follow up to Savvy,not one bit of a let-down like many sequels - but even great on it's own. I recommend this book for middle grade readers up to adults that love a colorful escape.

I give Scumble ***** 5 Twinkly-Blinkly stars! (as Law might say....)
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  1. I am looking forward to reading this one! I LOVED Savvy!