Friday, February 4, 2011

Having a lil' Fun With The Boys......

The great thing about being a parent of teens and pre-teens is the opportunity to laugh at with them ;0)

Yesterday, I was getting on my 13 year old again for his crabby attitude so he decided to hang out in his room with his 11 year-old brother rather than us. I don't blame him. I knew I needed to lighten the mood. When
 the boys came out to show us these little YouTube clips on their Ipods of "ghosts". I played along but couldn't resist ruining it by saying things like, "see how the guy keeps pointing the camera the opposite direction so he can set up the trick and then turn it back and act surprised?"  Still the boys were enjoying it and we played along.

A few minutes later they went back to their room and I got an idea. I told my husband to wait outside their bedroom and just listen. I went out back with a wire hanger and gave their window a good "screeeeeeecccccch". The boys went from their noisy babbling to , "What was that?" and then silence, followed by "Mooo-om!"  They knew it had to be me - who else would be standing outside their bedroom window, in the dark, in the snow, laughing?
  Dad's  verson : He heard "sccreeeeech"  followed by "What was that?" followed by an 11 year old tearing down the hallway, passing him like he wasn't even there. Of course Dad was laughing so hard he gave it away and they went on the hunt to find me.

Let's just say, the boys are sure now that ghost videos have to be created by people and we ALL had a good, much needed laugh!


  1. This is hilarious! I remember our brother pulling pranks on us when we were so little and lived in Laurel. Or---maybe they weren't pranks? Woooooo oooooooo. . . .