Monday, January 31, 2011

Help a New Writer Decide on an "Offer" (and not get taken!)

In my line of work I meet a lot of interesting people. Surprisingly, some of the most interesting people are the one's no one sees - the janitorial staff. They are usually from Mexico (legally!) and have fascinating lives "back home" that they support with the wages they earn here. One of the janitors, I'll call him Joe, is writing a vampire/romance in Spanish and is almost done. He took it to the city librarian for a critique. The librarian liked it and connected him with "some rich guy" as he put it. This "guy" has offered a decent sum of money to purchase the unfinished book so he can sell it with HIS name on it. Although the librarian is recommending that Joe finish his book and sell it later for more, he is tempted to sell it and get on with life. He says he never wrote it for the money anyway, but now he's got a finincial goal he's about to reach and this may seal it. So what do all you authors, librarians, editors, and publishers think? Is he going to be "taken" if he accepts this offer? Is it even legal?


  1. If he is in desperate need of the money, then not much can replace the security that having the money now would provide. However, he needs to be aware that while there is no guarantee of it selling independently later, if it were to, he would be able to continue earning money for the rest of his life. That would provide ongoing security.

    There has to be a reason that this man is so interested in getting his hands on the book, even unfinished. I would imagine it must be pretty good to garner that much interest. If he is not in dire need of the money now, I personally would advise him to finish it and then try to connect with a publishing company on his own.

    Thank-you for stopping by my blog today, you are always so sweet and I really appreciate you as a reader!

  2. Hi Kathleen! I wish I knew more about the laws protecting writers. I do know of a small publishing company that another co-worker used to publish her book. You are right - I should pass that publisher name along to him!

  3. How cool would it be if he could stick it out and get the rewards of all his work in his own name!

  4. I talked to him last night and he said he decided to finish the book.He said it wasn't a good deal. Still, I wonder if it's legal to buy a person's work and put your name on it?