Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review: The Sk8ters By Josh S.

Let's hear it for Middle Grade Fiction!

The Sk8ters - a story that starts you off laughing, makes you cringe in sympathetic fear, and leaves you cheering, anticipating, and wondering about the fate of the the skaters......

     This story is about two thirteen-year old boys, named Tony and Alex.  It begins when they first meet at school. Alex shoots spit-wads at the teacher and Tony and Alex both start laughing so hard they get detention.  A budding friendship unfolds as Tony and Alex decide to try to get skateboarding sponsors together, but the tale takes a twist when first Tony breaks his leg, then Alex does too. Both boys recover together then come back better than ever.
     Tony and Alex go to Birdhouse Skateboard Company and try out for a sponsorship. They are pleasantly surprised when the waiting room at the company is a fully-equipped skate park!  The boys are called into the main room and asked to perform several specific tricks on their boards, then asked to leave their phone numbers for call-backs.  Will they win the sponsorship? Will they have their own skateboard video games made after them? Will they be paid to skateboard and play video games?? You'll have to read this one to find out!

I give The Sk8ters ***** 5 Stars!

A little history about this budding new author:  This is Josh's second work of fiction, the first being The Seven ChairsThe Sk8ters was influenced by his teacher Ms. Carlson. Ms Carlson brought publishing to the world of 7th graders this year. She had each one write and illustrate their own story and had them bound through StudenTales publishing. As the mother of this promising young author - I am eternally grateful!

Way to go Josh!  I can't wait for your next fiction piece! 

To learn more about publishing for students click here to go to the StudenTales Publishing.


  1. I would love to read this whole story and share with my boys. Any chance of additional prints being made available for the public?

  2. There are actually TWO copies in print! You can borrow one from my library with no late fines!