Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking Back on Blogs 10 Years from Now

Will our kids hate us when they grow up and read our blogs?

An interesting article :

Mo-om! When the stars of mommy blogs grow up-
Some "mommy bloggers" are questioning the lasting effect their online ramblings might be having on their kids.
 Even if you don't read the link, have you ever taken a moment to answer that question? As parents, our generation grew up able to deny anything that wasn't captured on  a Kodak with a square flash bulb.  Stories told about us have to be verified by relatives but still we can say, "No it wasn't me, it was my cousin." and due to the age of the relative, usually convince them that their memory is going. 

  Next comes the "Mommy's had it and gonna vent" blog trend. I have to admit, it has got the appeal of free therapy. Maybe it spared a few kids from corporal punishment.  Moms sharing with other moms that they are not perfect and have real feelings that are "politically incorrect" to voice in public. I don't follow "strictly negative" parenting blogs, but I do follow one blog designed for moms to anonymously post their parenting flubs and readers sympathize with them and know we've been there too.  
     But I wonder, will these digital records exist forever? If I delete my entire blog in 10 years, will my tech-savvy sons just Google-Extreme my IP address and recover every key stroke? Would they like it or hate it? I took a minute to skim my entire blog and see if I've humiliated them. Well, maybe I did a little - but not enough to make me delete anything. Sometimes they don't use their marbles and goofy stuff happens like crop circles in the grass. Still, as a parent I feel entitled to laugh a little at their foibles as long as they see the humor in it, I only use first names, and use a loving-mother tone. Am I guilty? What if tables were turned? What if they had a "I Was Raised By Aliens" blog?  I suppose I'd be fair game!  Should we follow unwritten guidelines? Should "venters" feel justified? Should I hide the camera so they don't capture MY blooper-moments?

like the time I didn't know it was broken


  1. I think the more kids we have, the harder it is for us Mom's to use the "it wasn't me" or the "that's not how it happened" lines. That's one time that the siblings will agree---when Mom blew it. Don't worry too much. You are a rockin' mommy.

  2. True, they do remember!

    I'm not too worried about my boys, but I feel pretty bad for the kid in the article. Sometimes parents blog about issues that could haunt kids later in life.

  3. I usually keep my daughter off my blog, but since my announcement today about her was writing related I thought it was okay...and I asked her if it was okay. I try not to embarrass her too much. Me running around in gym clothes all day is damaging enough. LOL!