Monday, December 20, 2010

Receiving the Greatest Gift, one Moment at a Time.......

With little time due to school and little money due to the recession, it would be easy to be "humbug" this year. Instead of thinking of all the things we didn't do this Christmas, I want to focus on what we DID and how much it meant to me. This has been a wonderful season!

Starting with:
  • setting up the Nativity
  • then the ribbon and lights on the tree 
  • then the decorations (even if it was a week later)
  • Christmas program practice every Tuesday night at church
  • Christmas potluck with everyone at church
  • Teaching Children's Church so everyone could enjoy the program
  • Dustin's first musical concert
  • Josh's awesome concert
  • Wyatt's 2nd grade Christmas play - The Littlest Christmas Tree
  • Dakota's Kindergarten Christmas singing program
  • See's Candy in the mail
  • finding everything they wanted in one trip
  • filling out cards
  • a first ever fancy office Christmas party, overnight in Big Sky,MT
  • the kids' program at church (three of my boys are in it)
  • Grandma and Grandpa coming
  • laying out all the boys' gifts so we can make sure we are giving the right ones to the right kid
  • and wrapping them - just the two of us
  • Watching the boys get all excited with their stockings
  • watching them find the pickel ornament for one more gift (although this does tend to end in a fight!)
  • having the entire day off with the whole family in "lockdown" just hanging out together
Ending with:
In all these activities, each of them represent the greatest gift given ever, Jesus Christ, and I am so excited to celebrate and receive this gift!

What are your special moments this season?

Merry Christmas!


  1. Today is one year from when Parker's illness hit. I am happy this morning to see him lounging in the living room and waving at me from across the room with a smile. Then he jumped up to take a ring off the Christmas Countdown chain he made in Kindergarten. And then to see him and Bridger laughing as they give each other good morning wedgies.

  2. Christine (aka: Bean)December 22, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    Your post brough a smile to my face! There is so much to enjoy when you slow down and think of all the little things that normally get overlooked.
    Fancy office party - FUN! (I always seem to work for places that don't do them!)
    And I love hanging the pickel ornament too.
    One of my favorite parts about Christmas is decorating the tree and lots of family time!

    Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Christine! I always loved coming over to see your tree fresh from the mountains. That's on our "to-do" list for next year. Don't forget to get a "pickel-prize" for whoever finds the pickel this year!

    Maybe we'll have to add the "good morning wedgies" to our list, Angie! That's a new one!