Friday, December 3, 2010

Lucky are the Boys Whose Dad has a Snowplow...........

This is something Dustin has been trying to create at school each year, only to have the other kids stomp it down before the bell rings............A SNOWCAVE!

To my surprise the other evening I saw a dark image in the entrance and when I called Josh to come help with our dog - not only one full grown pre-teen came out of it but TWO.  It must be huge inside and knowing our weather it will still be there in May for them to enjoy.

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!


  1. I miss the snow. It doesn't seem like the holidays in Berkeley...

  2. Oh, how fun. We don't get snow here...looks like so much fun!

    I remember your post with your broken Willow figurine!! That was such a funny post and I remembered it on the day mine broke! :)

  3. They LOVE the snow.They especially loved to be dragged on the sled behind the three-wheeler.Me,I just wish it would snow everywhere but on the roads ;)
    Big Fat Mama:What is it about those figurines and kids? They aren't even glass!