Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Keeping Christ in Christmas............

There's a buzz in the air today. The month of December is upon us and it's time to decorate.  I remember a time when we only had a few cheap ornaments from the Pic-N-Save store. Fast forward 20 years and it's time to lug up the boxes. My most favorite decoration of all is the nativity I hinted for a few Christmas's ago. My husband's parents bought it for me and I asked my father-in-law if he would put his saws to work and build me a manger for them. To my surprise he used the old barn wood from our last house. That made it even more special because we are bringing a bit of the boys' memories from their first Christmas's in our old house -  into this house.  And who says the tree should get ALL the lights??

Of course we add the usual bling, red & green, gifts, and our singing Scooby-Doo and Rudolph stockings. But we have one other special little decoration that sums up blending tradition with beliefs without compromising.

I also incorporate a "royal ribbon" around the tree before any bulbs are added to remind us that Jesus was king, willingly born as a baby to save us from our own destruction.

It's time to add a new element to this theme.What interesting ways do you keep Christ in Christmas??


  1. Oooh- the Willow Tree Nativity! Want it still too. That Santa figure is sweet too. This year I am really trying to get the boys to understand the "giving" aspect of Christmas. We took them shopping to pick out toys to donate back to the hospital that was so good to Parker last Christmas. They also had to pick out pajamas to donate to their school pj drive. They were allowed pick out one ornament each for their personal trees, but were not allowed any toys that trip. They could only show us what they want added to their wish lists after shopping for others. Our regular tradition to keep Jesus as the Reason for the Season is on Christmas Eve after we read the story of the Nativity and Birth of Christ, we place the baby Jesus in the manger in our little old nativity set. Of course they have to have a huge fight first over who gets to do it . . .

  2. Good idea about placing the baby Jesus - I should do it even if we have to use the plastic play set. I always say I'm going to read the Christmas story but end up in a flurry Christmas eve. Maybe we should slow down and focus!

    And Wow - you guys really got it down about the giving!