Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book Review - Scumble by Ingrid Law

Scumble is the companion book to Savvy Savvy, written by Ingrid Law.  Law's writing is as colorful as the cover! I loved this book!  Law takes a single vocabulary word, scumble, and paints and entire story with it. Scumble means to dampen down to blend in with your surroundings, without killing the original essence. 
    Scumble begins with Ledger Kale's 13th birthday - the birthday when all his relatives received their "savvy". Savvy is a special power, different for each family member.  Ledger thinks he was skipped, no savvy bestowed, but suddenly everything mechanical around him falls apart. Not just falling to the ground, but pretty much exploding around him.

     Ledger spends the summer at his Aunt and Uncle's ranch with his cousins trying to make sense of his savvy. He meets a special young woman that makes him feel confident and able and begins a reconstruction project with her. She is his one friend that he can be himself around and not feel pressured to develop his gift.  Soon after, his family is facing forclosure on their ranch and Ledger and his cousins do everything they can think of to stop the angry Mr. Cabot from demolishing their family home.  His cousins, Marisol and Mesquite, dig for the gold rumored to be buried by their grandmother and his uncle raises rare butterflies -  in hope of saving the ranch. Eventually, Ledger gathers all his inner strength and savvy and creates a fantastical way to save it.

     Law's characters are like a rainbow - each one bright with their unique savvy, but together create the most beautiful image that no one can touch. The relationships they share are, sweet, supportive and playful - but respectful and encouraging. Each member can relate to the others' struggles with developing their savvy and mastering the art of "scumbling".  I loved Scumble and recommend it to elementary age kids as well as adults. It was a quick read, a great escape, and a fun adventure that left me loving the characters and looking forward to any future books about this family. I give this book ***** Five Stars!


  1. Sounds like a good story. I could use some ideas on "saving the ranch" and discovering some kind of super power.