Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 -It's all about the Books Baby!

I love that the new year gives us a reminder to reflect on the past year. It has a clear time-frame, we all do it at the same time and compare, and it prompts us to set new goals for the next year. I am just blown-away by some of the book review bloggers that total their books for the year right around 100! Amazing!  P.J. Hoover at Roots in Myth read 82, Jana at Milk and Cookies read 111 and these are people with lives and kids - busy people!  Many of these bloggers also write 50,000 words or more in the year.

I had a great year reading new books introduced to me by the many book blogs I enjoy, so I took a minute to look at my total on Goodreads. A whopping 21!  What? Surely I read more than that? 

What's so great about me reading 21 books, when others are reading five times that amount?  The greatest part is that they were the best 21 books I have ever read and without blogs I may have never known about them. Inkspell, Firelight, Minder, Adversary,Brightly Woven, Scumble, Life as We Knew It, To Stand With Angels,and Starlighter, to name a few.

Even my family caught onto my excitement this year and my mom sent me this great shirt:

And my husband picked out a book for me for Christmas he thought I'd like, that was slightly out of my usual genre, but not out of my liking:
I want my mommy!

I'm really looking forward to books in 2011, starting with Legacy (Ganzfield series book 3), by Kate Kaynak and hopefully ending with Accused (book 4 of Kaynak's Ganzfield series) due out in July 2011. In between, I'll be needing a manicure after reading Under The Dome by Stephen King (and I may need to wash my eyes out from the foul words he throws in here and there!)

Happy New Year and Here's To All the Great Books that Await us in 2011


  1. Good post!! I love the t-shirt!!

  2. Hi Jana! My 8 year old loved it, too. Right in the middle of Christmas day he told us all to leave him alone because he needed his READING TIME! Hehe!

  3. Enjoy your 2011 of reading! And I love your t-shirt! I should get one and ask not to be disturbed when I'm reading it :)

  4. 21 impresses me! You amaze me. You are so hard on yourself. Congrats!