Friday, October 29, 2010

Can't wait to get SLIMED!

     Halloween means different things to different people.  For families that prefer to avoid the darkness that has been attached to the day but still love costumes - Harvest Parties were created. Sometimes they can pale in comparison to the trick-or-treading and Halloween Parties, but that can be changed.....
      Here's my take on it - I CAN'T WAIT for Sunday's harvest party!  I am looking forward to our whole family working together and playing together. Our usual family activity day - cranked up 10 notches. We are having a BASH at our church and the whole community is invited.
     15 families are setting up game booths, and mine has been rumored to be the one to beat if you want to win the gift card for best booth.  I'm pushing the boundaries with the staff and sneaking in 4 gallons of SLIME for the kids to dig glow-in-the-dark rubber bugs out of after they do my put-put golf game. (thanks Angie for suggesting that!) I made slime posterboards with glow in the dark paint,blacklights to get the glow, buckets with fake slime splilling out and a message that "Sin is Toxic - Let God Take the Slimy Sin out of Your Life", along with a verse about God purifying his followers. This has all been tested on my boys and they are loving it. I cannot wait to don my "toxic waste cleanup" outfit and get all slimed up with the kids Sunday night!


  1. I'll bet! 4 gal of SLIME?? That's awesome. My boys would love you.

  2. I'm so glad it was a hit and love how you worked the Sin is Toxic message in. Can't wait to see pics.

  3. Now the question is - what do I do with it now that the party's over? I can't bear to throw it out - it's still full of glow bugs. I may have to have one more "bug bash" with the neighbor kids before I toss the slime......